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A Weekend of Community, Wine, Beer and Fun

The weekend of the 7th of June 2024, marked a significant milestone for Darling Green Country Estate as we hosted our first-ever Annual General Meeting (AGM) with homeowners, followed by an array of delightful events that brought our community closer together.

AGM at Darling Cellars

Our inaugural AGM was a wonderful opportunity for homeowners to engage with the estate’s management and discuss plans and developments. The meeting took place at the charming Darling Cellars, offering both in-person attendance and online participation to accommodate all members of our community.

Wine Tasting and Tapas Delight

Following the AGM, attendees were treated to a wine-tasting session at Darling Cellars. The selection of exquisite wines, paired with delicious tapas, provided a perfect setting for neighbours to mingle and share their thoughts about the estate’s future. The experience was not just about savouring fine wines but also about fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents.

Community Steak Braai

The evening continued with a delightful steak braai prepared by the Boerevereniging and hosted by The Darling Sport Club. The mouthwatering steak and the welcoming atmosphere made it an unforgettable evening. Residents enjoyed great food and lively conversations, getting to know one another in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Sunny Golf Day Extravaganza

The following day, the community gathered again for a fun-filled golf day at The Darling Sport Club. With 11 teams competing in an 18-hole tournament, the event was a fantastic display of sportsmanship and community spirit. The beautiful sunny weather added to the enjoyment, making it a perfect day for golf and laughter.

Acknowledging Our Generous Sponsors

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our hosts, Darling Cellars and The Darling Sport Club, for their excellent service and for creating such a fantastic atmosphere. A special thank you to our sponsors, whose contributions significantly enhanced our events:

  • Darling Brew
  • Darling Cellars
  • Fitch & Leedes Mixers
  • Living Colour Darling
  • Wildflower Accommodation
  • 1 Queen Victoria Accommodation
  • Vuilhond
  • Tiger Brands
  • Alpha Electrical Services
  • Landbou Boerevereeniging 

Celebrating Our Golf Day Winners

The golf day concluded with an awards ceremony, celebrating the achievements of our participants:

  • Longest Day: Ralph & Johan; Sonja & Gillian
  • 5th Place: Jonathan & Marius
  • 4th Place: Jonathan P & Elrico
  • 3rd Place: Willem & Gert
  • 2nd Place: Malvin & Rick
  • 1st Place: Charl & Francois
  • Nearest to the Pin (11th hole): Pieter
  • Nearest to the Pin (4th hole): Elrico
  • Longest Drive: Jonathan

The Way Forward

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this weekend memorable. The success of our first AGM and the subsequent events highlight the vibrant and supportive community we have at Darling Green Country Estate. Due to the successful weekend schedule, we have decided to keep the format the same for 2025 and the golf event will now become the official annual Darling Green Country Estate Golf Day. We eagerly anticipate future gatherings and look forward to creating more cherished memories.

Stay tuned for more updates and see you next year for another round of fun and community bonding!