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As the year draws to a close, with just two months left on the calendar, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the journey and the extraordinary achievements of Darling Green Country Estate. Did you know Phases 1, 2, & 3 are SOLD OUT – so, if you’ve been contemplating a move to the tranquil and beautiful Darling, you’re in for a remarkable opportunity, but time is of the essence when the next Phase launches. The urgency to secure your piece of this remarkable property cannot be overstated as it is limited and incomparable

A Swift Journey to Success

The story of Darling Green’s phenomenal journey began before the pandemic, with about 30 stands sold. But it was the official relaunch in September 2022 that set the wheels in motion. When Phase 1 was reintroduced, the response was overwhelming – 70 stands were sold out by October 2022. This signalled the beginning of an incredible journey that you won’t want to miss.

Phase 2 swiftly followed in November 2022, with 40 stands ranging from 654 to 871 square meters, along with 9 half-acre plots. These too found their new owners, bringing us closer to the vision of a thriving community in Darling Green Country Estate.

The Unveiling of Phase 3: A New Chapter Begins

With Phase 2 making history, we couldn’t wait to introduce you to Phase 3 on April 21, 2023. Even more exciting was the news that the same size 875 square meter plots that were sold in 2022 for R395k were now available at R455k, and for prime positions, at R595k. It’s safe to say that these stands were in high demand.

The Dawn of New Beginnings

The most thrilling part of this journey lies ahead. With the sale of Phases 1, 2, & 3 completed, new homeowners are gearing up to turn their dreams into reality. Construction will soon commence on these plots, transforming them into beautiful homes and properties that will become part of the charming town of Darling.

The Benefits of Investing in the Town of  Darling and Darling Green Country Estate

Investing in Darling and Darling Green Country Estate is not merely a property investment; it’s an investment in a lifestyle that offers immeasurable rewards. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A Thriving Community: Darling Green is all about community. Living here means connecting with neighbours who become friends, and fostering a sense of belonging that’s hard to come by.
  • Nature: The West Coast’s natural beauty surrounds you, promoting a sense of peace and well-being. The call of wildflowers, scenic views, and the proximity to the coast are priceless amenities.
  • Health and Happiness: Studies have indicated that being closer to nature reduces stress and promotes overall health. With open spaces, parks, and the fresh West Coast air, you’ll live a healthier, happier life.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Darling is not just a town; it’s a hub of culture and art. The renowned Evita se Perron is just one example of the vibrant arts scene you’ll have at your doorstep.
  • Proximity to Amenities: While you enjoy the peace of a small town, essential amenities in nearby Malmesbury and Cape Town are just a short drive away, ensuring convenience in your everyday life.

As we celebrate the success of Phases 1, 2, & 3 at Darling Green Country Estate, it’s not just the end of a chapter; it’s the beginning of an exciting new one. New homeowners are ready to build their dream homes, contributing to the growth of Darling and making an investment that promises a lifetime of value.

Don’t wait; the time to act is now. Darling Green Country Estate awaits you. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about the journey and stay updated on the next exciting phase at Darling Green.

Secure your piece of Darling Green, and start building a future filled with value and opportunity.