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Nestled within the picturesque village of Darling in the Western Cape, Darling Green Country Estate is redefining sustainable living. With a strong commitment to environmental harmony, this unique green development has partnered with Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS) and Genesis to provide residents with clean renewable energy. This groundbreaking collaboration positions Darling Green Country Estate as a beacon of sustainable living and a haven where the impact of load shedding is minimised. Read on to discover how our visionary estate is leading the way toward a greener future.

A Green Oasis in Darling

Darling Green Country Estate is situated within the Swartland municipality, which has been recognised as the greenest municipality in the Western Cape for two consecutive years. The charming town of Darling offers a host of attractions, blending historic and contemporary establishments. Notably, Darling Brew holds the distinction of being Africa’s first carbon-neutral brewery. Embracing the ethos of sustainability in harmony with nature, Darling Green Country Estate comprises 170 residential stands, 220 retirement homes, and 118 sectional title units in the Village Post complex.

Embracing Sustainable Power Solutions

In January 2023, Darling Green Country Estate broke ground on an ambitious endeavour. Collaborating with Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS) & Genesis, the developers are ensuring that residents have access to clean renewable energy while effectively mitigating the impact of load shedding. SPS, a renowned pioneer in the Sub-Saharan Africa solar market, has a proven track record in designing and commissioning solar PV power plants for commercial and industrial clients. Backed by GridWorks Development Partners (a British International Investment Company subsidiary) and New GX Capital, SPS possesses the expertise and financial support to deliver high-quality sustainable solutions.

Genesis Eco-Energy Developments was established in 2001 and is one of South Africa’s pioneering renewable energy companies providing project development, management and operations services across a range of renewable energy technologies.

The Journey to a Sustainable Future

The developers of Darling Green Country Estate have established a Green Utility Company to oversee the provision of clean renewable energy to the estate. Adjacent to the estate, a solar photovoltaic (PV) plant will be installed on unused land. To minimise the impact of load shedding, an appropriate battery storage component will be incorporated. Notably, this project is part of a larger 6MW solar development, with 1MW allocated to supplying clean energy to the Swartland municipality and the estate. The remaining 5MW will be fed into the Eskom grid and wheeled to eco-conscious clients across the country as part of their pilot electricity wheeling project. 

A Blueprint for Sustainable Development

The solar solution implemented at Darling Green Country Estate is expected to generate 16.8 GWh of green energy annually. This innovative collaboration between SPS, Genesis and Darling Green Country Estate serves as a blueprint for future sustainable developments. With a shared vision of environmental stewardship and a commitment to minimising reliance on conventional energy sources, the partnership sets a new standard for sustainable living.


Darling Green Country Estate is at the forefront of sustainable development, spearheading a remarkable initiative in partnership with SPS and Genesis. By harnessing the power of renewable energy and embracing innovative solar solutions, Darling Green Country Estate ensures residents enjoy uninterrupted electricity while reducing their ecological footprint. As load shedding becomes a distant memory, Darling Green Country Estate paves the way for a future where sustainability and quality of life go hand in hand. With its commitment to environmental harmony and forward-thinking approaches, Darling Green Country Estate shines as a beacon of sustainable living in the heart of Darling.