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In the town of Darling on the West Coast of South Africa, there’s a name synonymous with craft beer excellence – Darling Brew. Established in 2010, this brewery has risen to become one of the most recognisable and highly acclaimed craft beer brands in the nation. Recently, Darling Brew proudly earned the title of Best Local Craft Beer at the prestigious 2023 Kfm Best of the Cape awards. But their story is more than just accolades; it’s a tale of passion, innovation, and a commitment to the environment.

The idea that led to the establishment of Darling Brew came to the original founders when they were travelling through Africa in 2007, and came upon and were inspired by a local microbrewery on their journey. Upon returning home, they slowly started up a small turnkey brewery and eventually happened upon a talented brewmaster who came on board to give Darling Brew the boost it needed to officially join the South African craft beer movement. With Tewie Roos now at the helm of Darling Brew, the business is growing and developing in exciting new directions, while still staying true to its core vision and mission of creating captivating products that tread lightly on the earth. Darling Brew is proudly recognised as Africa’s first Carbon Neutral brewery.

The first beer ever produced under the Darling Brew label was the iconic Slow Beer, which was inspired by the geometric tortoise – a beautiful reptile that is endemic to the Western Cape and critically endangered due to threats to its habitat, illegal animal trading etc. The term ‘Slow Beer’ also encompasses the Darling Brew philosophy, highlighting the brand’s trademark slow fermentation process, as well as the beauty of products that are not mass-produced, but rather lovingly made in small, bespoke batches.

Darling Brew may not be the largest craft brewery by volume, but it certainly stands as one of the most celebrated. Recent accolades, including seven awards in the African Beer Cup, recognition as Cape’s Best Local Craft Beer in the Kfm Best of the Cape Awards in 2021 and 2023, and the title of Best Craft Brewery in the Western Cape by the LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2021, confirm their dedication and success. In 2022, Darling Brew’s “The Wanderer” was named the beer of the year 2022 in South Africa. Making it the ultimate beer to drink in South Africa.

Darling Green Country Estate and Darling Brew have forged a remarkable partnership that has blossomed over the years. United by a shared commitment to sustainability, quality, and the unique charm of the Darling region, their collaboration has been nothing short of amazing. As Darling Green Country Estate welcomes visitors seeking tranquillity and a connection to nature, Darling Brew complements this experience by offering a taste of locally crafted excellence. This harmonious relationship celebrates the best of what the Darling area has to offer, ensuring that guests can savour both the beauty of the estate and the distinctive flavours of Darling Brew’s craft beers, making every visit a truly memorable and immersive experience.

In conclusion, Darling Brew is not just a brewery; it’s a story of passion, sustainability, and a commitment to making a difference. With a strong team, a vision for excellence, and a heart for conservation, Darling Brew continues to craft exceptional beers that not only tantalise taste buds but also contribute to a better world. Explore the world of Darling Brew and join their mission of brewing with purpose.