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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the development start: Installation of services started on 16 January 2023. Transfer of 90 stands were effected in December 2024. The rest of the stands from phases 1-3, will follow in early 2024.
  2. How does the sales process work: Buyers sign an offer to purchase (OTP) and pay a R40,000 deposit to be held in the conveyancer’s interest-bearing trust account. Your agent will make all documentation available to you for perusal and signature. Get Go Home Loans bond originators have been appointed to assist you with any finance requirements, if needed. The documents travel to the conveyancer for countersignature, and a copy can be returned back to you.
  3. What will happen to my deposit in the interim: The conveyancer will invest the deposit on your behalf and interest earned will be for your benefit. The deposit is refundable.
  4. What other financial commitments are there: You need to provide guarantees for the balance of the purchase amount with-in 30 days, either through a bank, investment company or an attorney. Alternatively pay the balance of the purchase price into the conveyancer’s Trust account.
  5. What stands are being sold now: Phases 1, 2, and 3 are sold out from the developer. There are some resales available. The Village Post (plot-and-plan duplex homes) has been launched in February 2024.
  6. What stands are being sold in the Village post: 116 Plot-and-Plan stand & home packages, to be built by the developer’s appointed builders, construction estimated to start in June 2024. You can leave your details on the contact portal for preferential choice of homes.
  7. Can I build my own home: Yes, on the freestanding phase 1,2, and 3 stands, as long as your contractor is accredited with the Home Owners Association and you abide by the Architectural Guidelines compiled by Osmond Lange Architects. You may also ask any of the already accredited builders, to build your home. Village Post Plot-and-Plan stand & home packages are built by the developer’s appointed builders, with construction starting in June 2024 and first occupation in December 2024.
  8. When can I start building: As soon as your stand has been registered on your name, and your plans have been approved. You must complete your building within 3 years of transfer into your name. Village Post homes will be built in batches of 20-30, starting as soon as the first 10 has been sold.
  9. What if I don’t build within the 3 years of transfer: A penalty levy will be charged.
  10. Can I build a second dwelling: Yes, you can, on the freestanding phase 1,2, and 3 stands with consent of the local authority and your neighbours.
  11. Does the developer’s marketing team sell building packages: Yes, packages are available. Pricing is available from your agent.
  12. What will be in the wetland area: The wetland is a sensitive ecological area and no future development may take place. It’s called the Apolisvlei wetland area, and is being developed in accordance with conservation principals, with elevated/movable wooden walkways, and a bird hide on the water as the centerpiece.
  13. Do I have access to the 9-hole Golf Course, Bowling Club or tennis courts (Darling Sports Club): Yes, all owners have automatic membership to the Sports Club, which is included in the levies. Membership of any of the sub-clubs is voluntary. There is direct pedestrian, bicycle and golf cart access onto the golf course and to the Sports Club.
  14. What about schooling: Darling College (a 25 years old private school; offering from pre-primary to grade 7) is walking distance away. High school – there are currently busses running to Malmesbury and Curro Langebaan. A bus to Melkbosstrand Private School will be operational from 2025. A high school will be built at the existing Darling Primary School.
  15. What security will there be: The estate will be equipped with a smart security system that comprises biometric access control, monitoring, patrolling, armed response, and cameras atop an electrified game fence.
  16. What are the levies for and how much: Levies are R1,200 per month. This includes membership to the Sports Club, 24-hour security, access control, common property maintenance, gardening, and maintenance of cycling and running/walking routes on the extended adjacent properties.
  17. What green initiatives will Darling Green have: Solar power for the estate, recycling of waste will be promoted, individual harvesting of rain water for use as grey water, each house to have a collection tank installed. The developer is also investingating a grey water system that will feed off the Estate, Sports Club’s/Darling town’s excess grey water. Nature takes precedence, no tarred roads, rather a combination of tortoise-friendly paved and gravel network. Green areas on the adjacent property are being developed with the aim of restituting as much of the indigenous floral habitat as possible, in mind. Eco friendly building methods & materials, sustainable construction, and carbon negation are encouraged, and in some cases prescribed.
  18. I’m a mountain biker, what can I expect: Darling Green aims Darling to form part of the “big four” cycling locations in the Western Cape, closing the loop of Durbanville, Paarl and Wellington. This provides in excess of 500km of mountain biking track. There are established tracks on, among others, Ormonde wine farm, Wolwefontein, and Khwa ttu. Successful races have been organised by Living Colour, an establishment on Wolwefontein farm. The annual DBX race takes place around the Darling countryside, hosted by Darling Brew.
  19. What is happening on the adjacent vacant property: The Darling Green Estate development company, also owns the adjacent land, which is approximately 430ha, in addition to the 70ha of the Estate, i.e. 500ha in total. Residents in Darling Green Country Estate have direct access to the rest of the property for mountain biking, trials, horse riding, jogging, walking and the like.
  20. What is planned on the Darling Trading Post property: The details are still to be finalised, but it will be similar to a Spice Route/Root 44, with an anchor commercial tenant, and food vendors. Other facilities include a multi- disciplinary medical center, nursery, kids’ playground area, amphitheater and an outdoor gym. Darling Trading Post will be open to the public, and other Darling residents, while Darling Green residents have access through the gatehouse.
  21. When will the retirement village be developed and what will the nature of ownership be: 220 units are planned, with access to the medical facilities in the Trading Post. The developer will finalise the ownership model and timeline by the end of 2024.
  22. Will there be fiber: Yes. The estate is fiber ready as the secondary WACS cable to Cape Town runs past the estate’s entrance, coming onto Africa at Yzerfontein. Sleeving infrastructure has been installed by the civils contractor.
  23. Is there a Body Corporate or Home Owners Association (HOA): Each owner becomes a member of the HOA.
  24. Will I need to pay VAT or transfer duty: On sales from the developer the selling price includes VAT and no transfer duty is payable. You will however by responsible for bond registration fees, if you will be using bank finance.
  25. What about bank finance: The development has been approved for end-user finance for land sales, and bonds are available. You can discuss your requirements with Get Go Home Loans, the home loan originator.
  26. Who will fence my stand: Each owner will be required to fence their own property. On the Plot-and-Plan stands, and where the developer’s builders do the construction, the perimeter fencing is included in the building package.
  27. Are horses and pets allowed: Yes, in line with the HOA rules.
  28. How many horses may I own: A maximum of 4 horses on 1-ha stands and 2 on ½-ha stands. Horses cannot be kept on smaller stands.
  29. Can I sink a borehole: Yes you may, but only on hectare and ½-ha stands.
  30. Who is the developer: At Darling Green Estate (Pty) Ltd, with extensive property development experience.
  31. What club-house facilities will be available: All landowners can make full use of the Darling Sports Club amenities. There will be a swimming pool and braai area in the Estate, as well as offices for the HOA, will be situated at the club-house facility.